Family Reunion - Ricongiungimento familiare


You can request family reunification foreign national, holder of a residence permit for EC long-term residents or a residence permit, no less than one year issued for employment, independent, political asylum or subsidiary protection, study, for religious reasons, for family reasons and waiting for citizenship.


How to gather the family in Italy

The foreign national, holder of the EC residence permit or a residence permit, no less than one year for employment, self-employed, for asylum, study, religious reasons, family reasons and for subsidiary protection may need to be reached in Italy by close relatives, in order to hold together his family.


·         Who can be reunited not legally separated spouse, unmarried minor children (including the spouse or born out of wedlock), provided that the other parent, if alive, has given its consent.

·         Dependent adult children when, for objective reasons cannot provide for their essential needs of life because of their state of health leading to total disability. The condition of 'dependent' is evaluated by the Italian Embassy in the country of origin or provenance, after checking the health reasons that determine the incapacity of the children themselves.

·         Dependent parents, if they have no other children in the country of origin or provenance, or parents over sixty, if other children are unable to support them for serious documented health reasons.


Requirements for the reunion


1. The availability of suitable accommodation


Shown to have a lease, loan or a property in the property, it is also necessary to present a certificate of local availability of accommodation complies with sanitary and housing suitability (2pers. min35mq and 1st, 3rd pers. min50mq and 2st; 4pers. min55mq and 2st; 5pers. min65mq and 2st; 6pers. min75mq and 3st; 7pers. min90mq and 3st; 8pers. min95mq and 3st; 9pers. min105mq and 4st; 10pers. min115mq and ;...) 5ST


2. The availability of adequate resources


The income that you must show that income should be at least equal to the amount of the social year (€ 5,424.9 in 2011) increased by half for each family member living with dependents. If the family members who live two or more dependent children under 14 years the minimum income required should not be less than twice the annual social.

For the purposes of determining income are taken into account the total annual income of family members living with the applicant.


3. Medical coverage for the parent over sixty


Proving to have health insurance or other title appropriate to ensure coverage of all risks in the country for over sixty of the parent or its inclusion in the National Health Service, upon payment of a contribution of an amount determined by decree Minister of Labour, Health and Social Policy, in consultation with the Minister of Economy and Finance.


Visa application and issuance of a residence permit for family reasons


The process for entry and residence in Italy to re-join the family is as follows:


·         The application to family reunification must be submitted through the electronic system use the same mode of transmission in the case of applications for the flow decree. ( )

·         Whether all the requirements, you release the "without prejudice", which must be sent to the family being reunited.

·         The family will be reunited in person to the Italian consular authorities in their country, to secure the release of an entry visa for family reunification with the submission of the authorization issued by the Commissioner of the Government should provide a document attesting to the family relationship, needed to be joined.

·         Got the visa within eight working days after arrival in Italy, the family re-joined the government will ask the Commissioner to issue a residence permit for family reasons: it will therefore follow the process of filling out postal forms and provide personally submit the application at the post office. It will then be convened at the police station in Trento for issuing a residence permit electronic lasting two years.

·         The youngest son of the foreigner who visits Italy regularly, joined in the residence permit or residence permit of one or both parents until 14 years of age. At the age of 14 years of age the child is issued a residence permit for family reasons at the age of majority, or a residence permit. At the age of majority may be issued to foreigners with a residence permit for study purposes, access to employment, paid employment, for health or social care needs.

·         Against all measures adopted by the adverse administrative procedures for family reunification, it is possible to use the Civil Court.

Family cohesion

The cohesiveness of the family with a foreign national occurs when the relative is in Italy. Assume the same conditions of kinship, income and accommodation provided for the reunification, with the additional burden in Italy to present the documents establishing the family relationship under which asks cohesion, documents must be translated and legalized by the ' Italian consular authorities in their country of origin:


·         The requirements of kinship, income and housing are the same that are required for family reunification.

·         While for the family reunion records demonstrating family ties are presented, along with the clearances to be joined directly from the Italian diplomatic authorities of the country of origin of the parent to be reunited, for the cohesion is necessary that such documents are translated and legalized at the Italian consular authorities in the country of origin, shipped to Italy and presented together with the request of family cohesion.

·         While for the family reunion and cohesion with Italian or EU citizens, the application must be submitted to the Police, for cohesion with foreign nationals have to use the postal mechanism (labeled " renewal ").

·         The family that requires cohesion must have an Italian residence permit that has not expired for more than a year.

·         In case of marriage in Italy it is necessary that the spouse requesting the family cohesion is already the holder of a residence permit valid for at least one year;

·         If you live with a relative within the Italian II class, you can request the cohesiveness of the family to an Italian citizen: just a self-certification of cohabitation by Italians and the certificate, translated and authenticated at the Italian consulate in the country of origin, which prove their family ties.

Cohesion has the same procedures for appeal to the ordinary judge of the Court provided for family reunification.


The request for family reunification must be submitted on line by visiting the website of the Ministry of the Interior. E 'need to register, download, fill out the application and send it. The application is registered by the Ministry of Interior and depending on the province where the applicant resides shall be assessed by the Commissioner of the Government / Prefecture of jurisdiction.

Online Application Form



The government commissioner, received the positive opinion by the Police, shall convene the applicant in writing by registered letter with return receipt. The applicant shall provide the Commissioner of the Government on the date of convening the documentation (in duplicate) in the request letter. If the documentation is complete and correct clearance is issued to the reunion.