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Anyone wishing to drive a vehicle must have held a driving license that allows driving a motor vehicle. For obtaining the driving license should be supported a theory test and pass a practical driving test.

The theory test for obtaining license categories A and B and subcategory A1, or categories A and B special is done through a computerized system.
The candidate may support the theory test with a computerized quiz of the three languages ​​provided.
Upon request, the exam can be done with the use of audio support.


The request can be submitted directly as a private service at the door of the mobility distribution, building provincial 3b, Ground Floor, Via Crispi n.10, Bolzano, or at the driving school.

Conditions of access

The request for a driver's license may be submitted only on the day following the completion of age depending on the category of license.

Minimum Age

Vehicle Type

License category


14 years



16 years

light motorcycles


from 75cc to 125cc and up to 11 kW

18 years



cylinder capacity exceeding 120cc and at least 100km / h max. 25 kW

18 years



18 years



already the holder of license B

18 years



already the holder of license B (car laden with a total weight up to 7.5 tonnes)

18 years



already holds a C license (cars laden with a total weight up to 7.5 tonnes)

21 years



direct access to motorcycles with a power equal to or greater than 35 kW

21 years



already the holder of license B

21 years



already holds a license D


Upon registration of the request is given a receipt that is not valid for practice driving. I, the candidate will have the ability to incur within six months from the date of the request two tests of theory. The pink sheet for practice driving will be issued when the / The candidate will exceed the theoretical test.

In the case where the applicant asked the extension of its license, for example. from class A to class B or vice versa, together with the registration of the request is issued with a temporary permit to practice driving valid for 30 days.

In the case of an extension to the category in the pink sheet, which is valid six months from the date of registration of the request is sent directly to your home along with the notification of the date of booking the driving test.

The license is issued at the same time passing the practical driving directly to the person.

Validity of license:

Category A / B / BE - CIG (enable moped)

Up to 50 years 10 years

From 50 to 70 years 5 years

70 to 76 years 3 years

From 77 to 79 end up to 80 years of age

For 80 years (visit to the Local Medical Committee) 2 years

Category CC / E

Up to 65 years 5 years

More than 65 years (visit to the Local Medical Committee) * 2 years

* To drive trucks laden with total mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes, trucks and lorries carrying goods, whose total weight, fully loaded, no more than 20 tonnes, operating machines, the latter limit can be increased annually up to 68 years if the driver meet a specific certificate of competence issued by the Medical Commission

Category D / DE

Up to 60 years 5 years

More than 60 years and up to 68 years of age (visit

the Local Medical Committee) 1 year

Required Documents

2 passport photos
bareheaded recent and identical, with a light background on photographic paper, of which authenticated (if the interested person shows genuine may be executed by the employee designated to receive the documentation)

Tax code in the original
(Health card)

Medical certificate in original
date not earlier than three months prior to filing the application, certified with stamp duty with photos (the photos must be identical to the other two photos required for practice). People who wear contact lenses are required to declare at the time of the visit. The physically handicapped and disabled people must perform the medical examination at the Medical Commission Multi-zone (single seat: Bolzano, Via Galileo Galilei 10 / B, Forum Galilei, tel. 0471/909226)

Certificate of fitness to drive moped in original IGC
or any license held in the original

Card or residence permit in the original
non-EU citizens must show a residence permit or a residence permit valid; was expired when the certificate is also required for renewal of the same

Parents in the original authorization
for the minor is required written consent of a parent or guardian, attach a copy of a valid identification document

By delegation
If the presentation and / or withdrawal of the request is made by a person other than by the person, you need a proxy in writing accompanied by a photocopy of a document's identity and delegator / her delegate / a must in turn show a document d ' valid identification, the request must always be signed by / the applicant.


53.24 Euro

To apply for the second piece of pink paper, if the practical driving test is exceeded, the amount payable will be equal to 38.62 Euro.

The amount can be paid directly to the door. You can pay by cash, debit or credit card.


Article 115, 116, 117, 119 and 122 of the Highway Code, Legislative Decree 30 April 1992, No 285

More information

The letter book of theory examination will be sent directly to your home.

The license is issued at the same time passing the practical driving directly to the person.

Indication for the practical exercise

The exercises on motorcycles are allowed in a poorly attended. For tutorials on motorcycles do not
special markings shall appear (no "P").

Article 122 of the Highway Code states that candidates from private practice must have during the next person to serve as an instructor with the following requirements:

  • aged 60 years (65 years if the vehicle is equipped with dual controls)
  • if the passenger has the same license category must have achieved it by at least 10 years
  • the latter condition is not required if the tour is in possession of valid driving license to drive vehicles of category

On cars that are used for practice should be applied:
a retro-reflective marking material bearing the letter "P" (uppercase) alphabet, black on white on the front and rear. The marks must be approved by the Ministry of Transport. The marks must be applied in a vertical position in a clearly visible and does not obstruct the required visibility from the driver's seat and the one occupied by the person who acts as coach-accompanist "P" .

The size of the sign "P" must be:
120 mm x 150 mm to be affixed to the windshield is 300 mm x 300 mm to be affixed to the rear of the car, as well as 500 x 500 per vehicle for category C / D or CE-ED. It is not permitted the use of symbols "do it yourself", because they meet the necessary requirements.

The practical driving test (only this and not even the tutorials) must be carried on vehicles equipped with dual controls at least as far as the brake and clutch. The privately so the day of the examination must make use of a motor vehicle made available by a driving school.



Where to perform a medical examination in Bolzano


Head Office: Via A. Alagi 33 tel 0471/909227

Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:15 to 11:00 - THU 2:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Military doctors

Location: Via Torino 68/70 tel 0471/916149

Hours: MON-FRI: 15:00-18:00

ACI (Automobile Club Italy

See: Course Italy, 19 - tel 0471/273455/6

Hours: LU and Friday afternoons by appointment


Seat: Via G. Galilei, Galileo 10-Forum-tel. 0471/909226

Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:00-12:00

What to bring in medical examination:

· Certificate payment of 9.00 Euro 9001 on postal account payable to "Department of Land Transport Rome

· Code tax

· Driver's license,

· A stamp Euro 14.62 for the medical certificate

• if carry, carry glasses and / or contact lenses,

Download the driving license request form.