Authentication of Signature - Autenticazione di firma

The signature on applications for Public Administration or to the public services (eg SEAB, AE, Post Offices, Railways etc..) Should not be certified if:

  • affixed in the presence of the employee designated to receive that instance
  • presented together with a photocopy of an identity of the signer.

Public Administration is also forbidden to require the signature authentication for applications for:

  • Selections for employment (in any capacity)
  • examinations to obtain qualifications, diplomas, cultural
  • participation in public competitions.

The authentication signature is needed is or may be required in the following cases:

  • documentation to be submitted to private
  • instruments of delegation for the collection of amounts owed by a government or by an operator of public services (for example, after a death, for the withdrawal by the heirs of accrued due but not received a pension INPS).

When required, the authentication can be prepared by:

  • notary
  • Registrar
  • Town Clerk
  • employee designated to receive the documentation
  • officer by the Mayor.

Authentication of signatures on contracts between private acts of incorporation are performed only at the notary.

Grounds for subscription
The declaration must be drawn up and signed:
- By the guardian for the forbidden
- The power by the operator or guardian for minors
- By the person with the assistance of the curator, to emancipated minors and incapacitated.
For those who do not or can not sign, the declaration is collected by the public officer after ascertaining the identity of the registrant.

Documents required 

A valid ID. 


Authentic made by the town clerk or an employee

  appointed by the Mayor:
- Euro 0.26 on plain paper
- Euro 15.14 on stamped paper.
The fees charged by notaries are visible on the site:

Normative References 

Presidential Decree No. 28.12.200 445 -

  Consolidated text of the laws and regulations on administrative

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