Self Certification - Il Diritto All'Autocertificazione

Self-certification enables the citizen to testify on his own responsibility, facts or personal qualities through a personal declaration ( in lieu of certification or affidavit ) or the performance of an identity .

The form can also be contextual to the application submitted.

Are required to accept self-declaration:

  • Public Administration
  • dealers and managers of public services.

If there is a consensus between the parties, the form can also be used in dealings between private individuals.

Who can take advantage of self:

  • Italian citizens
  • EU citizens
  • non-EU citizens, provided they hold valid residence permit and are limited to cases where it is evidence, facts and personal qualities certifiable by Italian public entities.

The application form is a right
Constitute violation of official duties by the employee involved:

  • Failure to accept the certification of affidavits or affidavit
  • requiring certificates or acts of notoriety, if there is an obligation of the employee to accept a statement in lieu
  • the refusal by the employee designated to accept the declaration of states, facts and personal qualities by producing an identity document.

Checks and penalties
The proceeding administration shall be required to appropriate checks, including sample, and in all cases where there are reasonable doubts on the statements made.
Are criminal penalties for false statements and immediately invalidates any benefits granted.

Underwriting standards and impediments:

  • to make a declaration of self-certification must be an adult
  • to interdict the declaration must be signed by the guardian
  • for children under the declaration to be signed by the operator or the authority by the guardian
  • emancipated minors and incapacitated for the declaration to be signed by the person with the assistance of the curator.

For those who do not or can not sign the declaration is collected by the public officer after ascertaining the identity of the registrant.

Normative References No DPR 28.12.2000 445 - Consolidated text of the laws and regulations on administrative documentation.