Renewal of a License - Rinnovo della patente

Should be required every 10 years for categories A and B.

For the same categories must be renewed every 5 years for people over fifty, every 3 years for those over seventy.

Should be required every 5 years for the maimed and disabled. E 'must report to the Local Medical Committee (only in Bolzano - tel. 0471 909 226)

Change instead for the higher categories to the sixties.


E 'must report to a licensed physician at the Health Officer of any municipality or turning in Bolzano:

  • the ASL (Local Health) Via Amba Alagi 33 - tel. 0471 909227

For mechanized licenses you receive the notice of expiration directly from CED (MCTC) in Rome.

The physician or the medical committee, after medical examinations to verify the regularity of payments to be made, are responsible for notifying the certificate within 5 days to 'Central Bureau of Operations, MCTC of Rome.
This temporary road with a medical certificate (valid for 6 months) attached to the license (not valid for international), pending the arrival of the coupon by mail validation sticker to be affixed on the license, which is sent by mail by the Ministry of Transport Rome home of the owner.
If it has been more than two months, with no receipt is necessary to call toll 800.23.23.23

Documentation to be submitted to medical examination

  • Receipt for payment of € 9.00 to c / c 9001, to be delivered at the health officer (Amount to be paid only when you intend to keep the old license)
  • tax code
  • identity document valid,
  • driver's license,
  • a stamp from € 14.62 to be affixed on the medical certificate
  • visit costs € 26.00 (to 01.09.2008)

For more information, contact your doctor your medical officer of the municipality.

Validity based on age


License renewal-50+50+60+65+70
sc = conditional medical committee
*= Same validity of the license associated
A 10 5 5 5 3
B 10 5 5 5 3
C 5 5 5 sc sc
D 5 5 sc - -
E * * * * *
As, Bs, Cs sc sc sc sc sc