Residence Card - Carta di soggiorno

Residence card

Laws and regulations of reference: D. Lgs. 286/1998, art. 9

The residence permit is valid residence permits issued for an indefinite period and without specific reason to stay.
It is also a personal identification document.

Who can apply?

  • regularly residing in Italy for at least 6 years old, owner of a residence permit for a reason that allows an indefinite number of renewals, must have sufficient income to maintain themselves and their dependents;
  • alien spouse, minor child or dependent parent or cohabiting
    an Italian or EU citizen resident in Italy;
  • foreign reunited with family, Italian or EU citizens resident
    in Italy or a foreigner already holding a residence card;
  • minor at the age of 14 years joined in the residence permit of the parent or the foreigner who is legally entrusted. (Article 31 co.2, Leg. 286/1998).

Documents required for issuing

  • application containing their personal details;
  • document the places where he remained during the past 5 years;
  • place of residence;
  • proof of income (Unico -101 - welfare benefits);
  • copy of passport or equivalent document or document
    identification issued by the competent Italian authority
  • certificate of criminal convictions and pending charges;
  • family status (see the self-certification) if they also require the family members, indicating in this case, any spouse's income and the availability of adequate housing (ex art. 29 TU).


The residence permit is not issued in cases of trial
or conviction (not final) to one of the crimes specified in Art. Cpp cpp 380 and 381 subject to the effects of rehabilitation (art. 9 co.3 Leg. 286/1998).

(Articles 15 and 16 Leg. 286/1998)

The assumption has the Quaestor emanation of a sentence (even if not definitive) art. 380 and 381 cpp

Benefits of a residence permit
(Article 9 co.1, Leg. 286/1998)

The advantages are:

  • allows you to enter the territory of the State without a visa;
  • engage in any lawful activity (except those reserved for Italian citizens only);
  • access to services and benefits provided by the government (review of the Constitution for the right to vote in municipal elections - vote and taxable benefits);
  • make your permanent residence and those of their family in Italy;
  • prohibition of expulsion except in the cases indicated in art. 9 co. 5 D. Lgs. 286/1998 for grave reasons of public order and national security or belong to categories of persons suspected of criminal activities to live with the mafia.